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Top 5 Locations for Engagement Sessions in Washington DC

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Fantastic! You have both agreed to tie the knot and now you want to cherish your engaged moments together in the most romantic, dreamy setting possible. You might think Washington DC is just a political hub filled with Capitals fans and angry drivers, but don't forget, it is also home to the most powerful, symbolic monuments in the country amongst countless, beautiful gardens and many architectural wonders that makes this city so vibrant.

Let's get to it, here are my Top 5 Locations in DC

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1. Washington Monument

Photo sessions at the Washington Monument are definitely one of my favorite places in the DC area. The Washington Monument is symbolic, meaning the viewer will instantly recognize the location of where your photoshoot took place. This area of DC is very open, so we can get lots of natural light and reduced shadows. Not to mention the reflective pool directly in-front which gives an additional elegant effect.

2. Jefferson Memorial

This is a monumental location and a perfect option to consider for a timeless engagement session. This is a very popular spot for many couples. These pillars represents power which can be symbolic for the strength of love. The tall structures act as lines which draws your attention in to the picture itself making the image much more interesting. Near the Jefferson Memorial, there is the picturesque tidal basin where it is possible to walk around and get more amazing engagement photos. With a good plan in place before hand, a session during the cherry blossom season will also make this location even more spectacular by creating a beautiful scenic backdrop.

3. Capital Building

The US Capital building is an iconic place to take engagement photos and a popular choice for my clients. The best time for a photo session here would be late afternoon and close to golden hour as the building itself creates a beautiful soft reflective glow effect. There are plenty of open grass areas, trees and a reflective pool in the vacinity which gives us many opportunities to get that superb shot that we are all looking for.

4. DC War Memorial

The DC memorial is more of a discrete version of the Jefferson memorial simply because it is quietly tucked away in the neighboring trees off to the side of the reflective pools. This helps the photography session run a lot smother without any unwanted distraction. Although the monument is much smaller, we can still have those tall pillars powering upwards in the background influencing the eye to be drawn towards the subject.

5. Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria isn't exactly in the city of DC itself, but is is close enough. I wanted to add this place into my top 5 because of it personal historic touch. As I hail from England, the traditional red brick buildings and the cobbled streets truly gives me a taste of home. There are so many quaint hidden spots in this town around King Street and the harbor front. Aside from St. Patricks day, Alexandria isn't too busy which is a good thing when you are wanting to achieve an intermit photo session with your partner.

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